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TaMia Speaks is a platform based of auth
TaMia Speaks is a platform based of auth
TaMia Speaks is a platform based of auth

Originally from Flint, Michigan I now call Houston, Texas home. My Journey from Flint to Texas has been one to remember; filled with the highs of entering the behavioral health field, graduating with my Bachelors in Psychology from an HBCU, and the lows of experiencing spiritual and narcissistic abuse. It was during this time I realized I was living a life that served everyone but myself.

The past decade I have been intentional about my healing and spiritual journey by doing my shadow work; addressing trauma and my inner child to improve my mental, emotional and spiritual wellness. This has made room for me to walk in divine alignment as a Mentor, Spiritual Life Coach and Reiki Practitioner.

My personal journey and professional experience has allowed me to create a lane for you to safely begin or continue your spiritual journey; a safe place for you to be vulnerable enough to deconstruct who you are and improve your confidence to reinvent yourself as many times as your heart desires.

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