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A spiritiual bath is an act of self love within itself. Use with the intention to bring in prosperity, success and abundance; pray the prosperity prayer over yourself (included in the soak). As you soak, light a candle to further set the atmosphere and meditate on all thoughts, feelings or emotions that you would like to cleanse/release. Happy healing<3

Prosperity Spiritual Bath Soak

    • Magnesium Dead Sea Salt 
    • Peppermint
    • Bay Leaf
    • Cinnamon 

    Each bath soak comes with a prayer card and bath bag. Fill your tub up to the desired level. Pour the desired about of bath salt directly into your bath water OR fill your bath bag and tie securly if you dont enjoy loose herbs in your bath. Allow salt to dissolve, soak and enjoy!

    If you do not have a bathtub and would like to take a spiritual shower. Dissolve your desired amount of bath soak into a large bowl; or dissolve in the bath bag. Once the contents are completely dissolve, pour the water over yourself from the neck down stating your intentions and prayers. DO NOT POUR OVER THE TOP OF YOUR HEAD as it can cause severe eye irritation.

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